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We believe that reinforcing skills such as number identification and counting at home will help your child make gains. There are some fun and simple ways to do this.
  • Count in the car.
  • Have your child count items around the house such as canned goods or pieces of food.
  • Compare amounts: ex. "Do you have more pieces of chicken or broccoli on your plate?"
  • Count the steps as they walk upstairs.
  • Ask them to identify numbers they see around the house or when you're driving.
Some family games that use kindergarten math skills:
  • Many card games require counting and score keeping.
  • Dice games and dominos help kids learn to quickly recognize groups of dots from 2 to 12 (subitizing).
  • Play board games that involve counting squares, such as Candy Land.
  • Tic Tac Toe and Connect Four build recognition of rows of 3 and 4 counters.
  • Uno helps with number identification
  • Tangrams
  • Mancala

(Many of these suggestions came from http://www.dreambox.com/parent-tips-kindergarten.)