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Welcome to East Music.

Hi musicians! I MISS YOU!!! I truly hope that I will get to see you soon!

Until then, please check out these activities each week that you can try out! They're fun!

Please feel free to send me a video of you making music! I'd love to see you!

Musically yours - Mrs. Conway

Attention Band/Orchestra Students!!
  • Remember! Instruments is every Wednesday!
  • Please remember your book, music, a pencil & your instrument on Wednesdays!
  • You should be practicing 4-5 times a week in order to be successful!
  • Remember to use your CD in your book to hear if you're playing the correct notes!!
  • Open your ears & listen to yourselves!!

Practice tip: You can find great videos on Schooltube to show you how to play your instrument correctly & give you another opportunity to listen to what the notes are supposed to sound like. I HIGHLY recommend looking up some teaching videos on Schooltube to help you! I have placed some Schooltube videos on the link on my main webpage. Check them out!

Music Slideshow
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Wish List

Blank CD-R's!

  • I use them across the grade levels all throughout the year! I would be so thankful for any donations!